Residential / Home locksmith
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Residential / Home locksmith

If you need in-house security and want to protect your family from intruders. Fast Local Locksmith team will help you with higher security door locks, window locks and other forms of additional security.

if you have problems with the door lock to the apartment or house, it is broken, works irregularly or sticks, or you have just lost the house key – Our door specialist is at your service!

Don't worry about the quality of services. Our door locksmith specialist will change locks quickly and professionally, or will give recommendations on how to buy quality locks and how to avoid such situations in future.

We work quickly and efficiently. We have been proudly serving our Philadelphia customers for emergency locksmith service for many years.

There are several situations, when you need locksmith specialist:

- If you lost house keys

Probably many of you at least once lost their house key.

Sure you can try to open the door by yourself. But the best decision is to call specialists who will help you open the door with no damage.

We are receiving many calls and messages with such texts: I lost my house key, help me!

- If you are locked out of apartment

One of the most terrifying moments is when you find out that you are locked out of your apartment, especially if it is cold outside.

There are several options you can open the door:

You can try to open the door yourself or just break it, But be careful you can cause more damage to your door and apartment. So first try to remember: have you left the key inside the apartment or is it somewhere else?

Second step: remember, maybe you have left the window open? It will be the best solution. However, what to do if you cannot reach your window or you are sure it is closed?

- If your garage door won’t open

Garage is not only a necessary accessory to your house, but also a very important space. It declutters your living area, sometimes becomes a creative space for trying out new hobbies and most importantly, it protects your car from weather conditions, thieves and vandal passer-bys.

In case you find out your garage’s door has a broken lock, you suspect someone tried to open it, or it simply doesn’t have one, it’s a good idea to call Fast Local Locksmith.

If no options worked in these situations, the best solution is to call locksmith service, because you need a prompt specialist, who will solve your problems and be able to install a secure lock.

Also, remember that you need a new lock, when you move to a new apartment. It’s better to change your door locks or rekey them, to prevent unauthorized entry by the previous owner or someone who may have a key.

You may also need to rekey lock if you are not sure if it works properly, it is broken, or you just lost a copy of your key.

From time to time, you should check your lock and key. Nothing lasts forever, even the lock mechanism. If you think that, your lock or key stopped working properly - it is time to replace the lock or rekey it. You can just rekey your house door lock and feel protected as before.

What is the difference between changing a lock and rekeying it?

In case of rekeying you do not need to change the whole lock, you just keep the old lock and replace the key with a new one. So to explain It more simply – you keep the existing lock, but you are making a new key and the old key will not open the lock anymore.

It is also important to know that rekeying is a cheaper service than changing locks. Residential Door lock specialist will help you without damaging your lock and door. If you live in Philadelphia – Fast Local Locksmith will help you whenever you need them.

Pay attention that changing the door lock yourself is simpler than rekeying it. Rekeying a door lock requires experience and corresponding tools, it is more likely to damage your key while trying to rekey it.

Fast local locksmith operates in Philadelphia and surrounding areas and can help you in any locksmith situation.

We can quickly open your door, make a new key, and help you enter your house without damaging anything. After calling us, our door locks specialist will come to your location as soon as possible and you do not have to wait long.

If you need experts you can trust – trust Fast Local locksmith door specialists.

Fast local locksmith team can open everything that has locks.


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