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Residential / Home Locksmith

Residential / Home Locksmith

if you have problems with the door lock to the apartment/house, it is broken, works irregularly, or sticks, or you have just lost the house key – Our door specialist is at your service!

We work quickly and efficiently. We have been proudly serving our Philadelphia customers with emergency locksmith service for many years.

Fast Local Locksmith can handle any lock installation or repair, rekeying, or making new keys. We can rekey all your doors to work with a Master Key.

Our Services:

  • Safe Lockout;
  • Mailbox lock change;
  • Installation of pre-purchased locks by the customer;
  • Residential handle set (includes installation);
  • Garage door locks (includes installation);
  • Electrical and mechanical keypad locks (includes installation);
  • Residential Jimmy Proof (deadbolt includes installation);
  • Residential deadbolt lock (includes installation);
  • Residential knob lock (includes installation);
  • Lock rekey or tumbler (combination change);
  • Residential lockout service.

Residential / Home Locksmith Prices

Residential lockout service

$65 - $200

Lock re-key or tumbler (combination change)

$29 - $79

Residential knob lock (includes installation)

$55 - $149

Residential deadbolt lock (includes installation)

$55 - $149

Residential Jimmy Proof (deadbolt include installation)

$85 - $195

Electrical and mechanical keypad locks (includes installation)

$220 - $350

Garage door locks, includes installation

$75 - $185

Residential handle set (includes installation)

$175 - $385

Installation of pre-purchased locks by the customer

$35- $150

Mail box lock change

$65 - $150

Safe lockout

$129- $450
Car Locksmith

Car Locksmith

If you have problems opening your car, you lock the keys inside your car, the key is stuck in the car, or you just lost the key without having a spare - you need a professional car locksmith.

With The Fast Local Locksmith, you can get back on the road fast – and we can assure you that you won’t be disappointed in our services and results. Our locksmiths are the best because of their training and extensive experience. We have everything that we need to handle your automotive locksmith needs.

Our services:

  • New Vehicle Key
  • Car key duplicate and programming
  • Broken key extraction
  • Ignition change or rebuild
  • Remote entry fob clicker (Alarm transmitter)
  • Keyless entry fob clicker key prox
  • Autokey marking on site
  • Auto lockout service

Car Locksmith Prices

Auto lockout service

$65 - $150

Auto key marking on site

$109 - $349

Keyless entry fob clicker key prox

$140 - $455

Remote entry fob clicker (Alarm transmitter)

$85 - $179

Ignition change or rebuild

$129 - $349

Broken key extraction

$79 - $169

Car key duplicate and programming

$109 - $209

New Vehicle Key

$119 - $319
Commercial Locksmith

Commercial Locksmith

For any property owner, safety is the number one priority. That is why you need certified commercial locksmith help to be sure that you will not have problems in the future. Any lock needs to be replaced after some time - the Fast local locksmith team will give you recommendations on how to avoid commercial lockout situations and get quality locks and keys.

When you buy a new property, your first step should be lock change. It is very important for the safety of your office and employees. That is why you need the help of a professional locksmith service, who you can trust.

Our services:

  • Safe lockout
  • Push bar devices (includes installation)
  • Rim cylinder lock (includes installation)
  • Mortise cylinder lock (includes installation)
  • Lock rekey or tumbler combination change
  • Commercial lockout service

Commercial Locksmith Prices

Commercial lockout service

$75 - $200

Lock re-key or tumbler combination change

$35 - $85

Mortise cylinder lock, includes installation

$75 - $145

Rim cylinder lock , includes installation

$75 - $145

Push bar devices (includes installation)

$350 - $850

Safe lockout

$140 - $750
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